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The 7 Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening is when we realize that we are much more than a physical body. That we have a soul and that we have existed for an eternity. We are all spiritual beings.

It doesn’t make us superior or inferior. It is simply a choice of our soul before our incarnation.

Spiritual Awakening (or Awakening of Consciousness) is an overwhelming phenomenon that transforms life from partial to the whole. This collective and individual process manifests itself in different ways.

However, there are certain signs or patterns that we all go through when we experience this awakening.

In this article, I would simply like to share with you the various “symptoms of spiritual awakening” so that you can grasp this phenomenon more gently.

The 7 Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Namely, these “signs” can appear at the same time or in a completely random manner. It neither has a rule.

However, these signs are present in most people who pass through this delicate phase of Spiritual Awakening until the Dark Night of the Soul.

You become more sensitive

One of the first signs of spiritual awakening is hypersensitivity which increases over time. You may be sensitive since your childhood. But this sensitivity increases.

It will, therefore, be common to feel the emotions of people, the energies of places or objects. To no longer tolerate certain violent images or words.

To feel that his senses are awakening: your gifts of magnetism, medium or others will develop gradually.

One of the keys is to take care of its rules, to create a little cocoon, a place to relax. But also, do not hesitate to cut ties with the people who suck your energy.

Signs Of Spiritual Awakening

Lack of motivation and interest in everything

Another sign of spiritual awakening is the loss of motivation, often associated with extreme fatigue. This may be linked to this heightened sensitivity.

After having ruled out all medical reasons, this fatigue and demotivation can be improved by adopting a healthy lifestyle and practicing physical activity regularly (walking in nature is excellent).

As we wake up spiritually, it will be essential to find a balance between our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

All the toxic substances, junk food, alcohol, and drugs are going to have a bigger impact on your physical body. Hence greater fatigue too.

And also, drink lots of water !! Purified preferably !!

Quest for purpose of life

One of the obvious signs of spiritual awakening will be to seek meaning in your life, in the Universe. This awakening leads you to ask yourself many personal questions: what is your life mission?

Why did you choose to embody your physical body? But also at the collective level: why is life so cruel? Why are politicians constantly lying to us? How to live in a world of peace and harmony?

During this phase, you will tend to devour all the books, attend all the possible conferences, train, and test a thousand and one therapies.

Do not panic, you will quickly find meaning in all your discoveries. To step back, calm down and refocus. To understand that you already have all the answers in you!


One of the peculiarities of spiritual awakening is to understand that there is no chance.   You will be more and more attentive to all the signs that you will encounter.

To make a choice, you will pay attention to your feelings, wait for the opportunities to present themselves to you.

The idea is to cultivate the confidence that the Universe will always place you in the right place, with the right people. To the point of seeing synchronicities everywhere.

Remember that everything starts with your mind. You unconsciously create these synchronicities.

Change in relationships!

Overnight, your lifelong friends can exhaust you. You realize that the people you meet daily no longer resonate with you.

Either because you are living your spiritual awakening and you want to share your discoveries with them.

Or because you realize that you no longer share the same interests. These changes can be painful. It’s difficult to live with separations, friendly, in love, professional.

The good news is that the Universe will do everything to connect you with people who will vibrate with you.

Past wounds are healed!

One of the characteristics of spiritual awakening is to be aware of the weight of your past.

That certain wounds are engraved in your subconscious, these same wounds can come from your parents, grandparents … They cross generations.

And very often, if you become aware of it today, it is because your role is to release your wounds, for your good and that of generations to come.

More you will free yourself from your past weight and more you find clarity in your life. Your spiritual gifts will develop little by little.

Dark Night of the Soul

So, we end this article with the least pleasant sign of spiritual awakening: the famous Black Night of the Soul.

This phenomenon is an important step in our awakening process. This is the time when you will question all of the spiritual principles that you have learned.

Like a burnout of spirituality !!

This phase is often accompanied by painful events, sudden changes. Be patient. Surround yourself with good people.

Trust this process. Maintain a healthy routine, good habits. And meditate as much as you can. See this step as an initiation.

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