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How To Manifest with Meditation

The law of attraction hypothesizes that each of us can ask the Universe anything we want. If we believe in it and it is absolutely what we want, the Universe will make sure to bring it into our lives.

The law of attraction works this way: it starts from the principle that we attract to our lives all the events that happen to us, whether positive or negative. It states that, through our thoughts, emotions, and feelings, we emit vibrations, which, if positive, will emit positive energy and thus attract positive events.

This goes for the opposite, if one is filled with negative thoughts, one will attract negative self to oneself. In other words, we could summarize this process by “who looks alike comes together” or “the energies who resemble themselves come together”.

Living in a positive state of mind

As we saw in the description, the positive attracts the positive. It is thus important to put yourself in a positive state of mind to evolve in a benevolent and serene atmosphere. We all can choose our thoughts and the feelings we feel. The facts that come to us are neutral and they remain so until our thoughts are applied to them.

When we “pose” a thought on an event, we give it its orientation, we decide if we want to see it positively or negatively, and this will define our emotions and our feelings which themselves will influence our behavior. We can hypothesize that a problem is not a problem until we decide that it is a problem. We are all completely free to think what we want about all the events that happen in our lives.

Why should we be devastated when we fail something? Why should you consider losing your job as a disaster? Why should we feel guilty about getting sick? It is possible to change your point of view to find something positive in each situation. Here comes the role of meditation and visualization!


Meditation is a practice that has many benefits. Reduced stress, anxiety and depression, better memory, daily serenity, better sleep. The list is long. On top of that, meditation allows you to be well aligned inside yourself, to be in tune with the Universe. Regular practice of meditation develops intuition, inner calm, and makes it easier to dialogue with the Universe.

meditation helps build up mental strength. It is an approach promoting health, well-being, and personal development which consists of an active training of the mind, to increase our capacity to be in full awareness of the present moment. The goal is to create a vacuum around yourself, for connecting mind, body, and soul to the Universe. This connection is the gateway to the manifestation of your goals and desires.


It is another form of meditation that consists of projecting yourself into the reality you want. For example, you dream of living in a huge house or going on vacation to a distant country. Each day, take a few moments to visualize this house or this journey and create it in detail inside you. What is important in this process is to live it as if you already have what you want, as if you already live in this house, as if this trip was already booked.

And so to be already grateful. Thus, you will feel deep inside you all the feelings of well-being and happiness that comes with the realization of this dream. It is this feeling that creates the attraction and that will attract this house or this trip to you.

Different types of meditation

 There are many meditation techniques but they are all based on the same elements namely good posture, work on breathing, and a presence of the mind at the present moment. The four most common types of meditation are:

 Mindfulness meditation: becoming aware of your body, its environment, every moment, being fully awake in the present moment.

Transcendental meditation: deep relaxation technique based in particular on the use of mantras ( repeated sentences or words, such as “Aum” ). It can provide support for concentration.

Zen meditation: aims to change the point of view on the world and ourselves through reflection and observation.

Vipassana meditation: based on breathing, it allows you to develop your attention and concentration.


The benefits of meditation are many. Indeed, you now have a few tracks to get started. Above all, remember that just a few minutes of meditation a day can be enough to promote your personal development. Meditating helps you to feel calm and relaxed. Besides, it will help you achieve happiness, accept yourself, and answer your questions. Also, these are small habits that have great long-term effects.

After freeing yourself of negative thoughts, you clear the way for positive ones. As everything in the Universe is energy, including your thoughts, directing this energy towards your goals/desires manifests them faster.